Ifa Reading of the year 2017/2018
From Ile Ife Oke Itase Osun State Nigeria
Ogunda Iwori it came in Ire Gbogbo. Listen to what Ifa has to say for all Ifa and Orisa Practioners worldwide.


Ifa has many good messages of prosperity (Ire Aje, Aya, Oko, Omo, Ire gbogbo) all good things of life, ebo (rituals) for peace of mind for its followers in worldwide. Ebo to overcome war, misunderstandings, wranglings and rivalry issues among ourselves, the practitioners of Ifa & Orisa, Appeasement to Ogun to avoid war or small quaured not to escalate to big chaos, we need to maintain more peace and co-existentene among ourselves.
Peace will usher in wealth. All the pains, sorrow, financial predicament will be over if peace and love is the new order of the day.
Checks some of these literacy corpus of odus Ifa OGUNDA WORI

First verse
Ko kole o beeni ko sun ori igi
Ko roko, ko jeru pe Ile
Ko ba won gbo gbon roowe
Beeni ko toro suku suku eja lowo won
Ko si toro Okasa lowo gbondo gbondo
Adifa fun Aja olele, nijoti nsawo re odo Oro
Ebo ni won sope ko mose, osi gbebo nibe orubo
Aja olele ifa ti moda re oro se
Aja olele won ni ogun iran lobe
Aja olele ifa ti moda re oro se
Aja olele

He did not build a house
But he never sleeps on trees
He never engages in farming
But he did not eat from sand or soil from ground
He is not a fisherman
He never ask for piece of fish from no one
Ifa divination was performed for a priest known as Ajaolele
When he wanted to embark on spiritual trip to ORO town
He was asked to perform sacrifice
He yields and performs his own
Getting to Oro he has minor accident by cutting and injure one young lady
But Ifa and Esu took over for peace to reign and it later transform to good relationship and real marriage that is full of blessings, joy and happiness.

Second verse has to do with orunmila himself when he was in the midst of enemies from far and near Orunmila became a conqueror he was victorious over the enemies near the sea, ocean and lagoon and he became a prominent wealthy person
For peace to reign, supreme embrace more peaceful living and lets churned hatred, back bitting or back stabber.

Third verse
Osun need to be appease in this odu, let us give women good chance, to play a vital role, in all our day to day activities, politics, business and administrative roles
We must not look down on our women, some of our problems or peoples problems can be resolved by powerful women in our midst.
In Ogunda Wori Osun is an hero, Osun was the Orisa that liberated the people of Iddo Ekiti also known as Iddo Faboro when they are facing wars on many occasions Osun was Adore and they gave her nickname Osun Apara or Gbagun – Are, Osun that puts ends to raging war Gbagun – Are the powerful one
One big he goat, one Ram, 3 rosters, palm oil and money
Goat (ewure), chiva, bottle of gin, bottle of honey, bottle of palm oil, a bowl of yam porridge also known as Asaro for Osun.

Fourth verse
Ogunda Iwori has the message of war, Ogun must be appeased, Ifa also gives warnings to young Ifa & Orisa priests to respect elders as at when due whenever an elderly Babalawo or Babalorisa sees any forth coming impending danger ebo must be done to put it away.
There must be no room for arguing with the elders, our kings must not abandon their duties to do divination and perform any sacrifice that comes out of it, our king are the custodian of all Orisa in their respective towns and cities they must not abandon their traditional model and spiritual duties from months to months all the year round, it goes thus:-

Ogun bi oba de Iddo
Ki opa Aye le
Ki opaAye le
Ogun ki o momo se poun Awo da
Ogun kan na ti oja ja ni ode Iddo
Opa onikoro, opa Ayingun, opa Agbagba Iloro
Iddo da iru asa kanna
Esu kanna ni nse won ni ile Iddo more
Eniyan to gbebo nibe korubo

Ogun when you reach Iddo town
Kill Ayele, kill Ayele
Ogun do not kill oun Awo da the trusted priest
The war that rages at Iddo town kill most of their high rank chiefs Onikoro and Ayingun
The war kill all their elders and traditional chiefs in council that ignore the ebo and the warnings that they must not wear Aso Ebi
The ceremonial uniformed outfit, Esu that they ignored punished them badly in Iddo town
It is a strong aspect of Ogunda Iwori, but once the ebo is done no cause for Alarm as their problem will be solved.
Big warning is that if some people is fixing a date for one ceremony/celebration or the other, ebo must be done parts or pieces of that materials for the celebration must be included in ebo with many other animals for the ebo and appeasement to Ogun lakaaye.

Fifth verse
Ogunda Wori speaks about good relationship life among men and women, deep understanding matters a lot, Ifa has people to do ebo for peace of mind in this aspect.

Ajaajo Ajaajo Awo Apo lodifa fun Apo
Ajaajo Ajaajo Awo Orun lodifa fun Orun
Ajaajo Ajaajo Awo ile Orunmila
Won ni ki baba orubo kole ba ni isinmi
Orunmila ti gbebo orubo ogberu oteru
Oba momo ru Aja, ko ru Egbaa
Ko le ba ni isinmi

Ajaajo Ajaajo divine for Apo
War cheche (arrow bag)
Ajaajo Ajaajo divine for Orun, arrow war instrument
Ajaajo Ajaajo Ifa divination was performed for Orunmila
He was asked to do ebo for peace of mind
Orunmila performed his own ebo with one dog and two thousand cowries, plenty of palm oil and salt
With ebo (sacrifice) all the wars and other problems will be over

Sixth verse
It goes thus in Ogunda Wori

Ogunda ko lapo
Iwori ko lofa
Ofa kan soso Iwori ni nse inu Apo yoro yoro
Adifa fun Owori
Ti se Olori ogun lode isaleye
Adifa fun Owori tise olori ogun lode Orun
Araye rubo, won ni eyin kori bi Ogun se da owori joko

Ogunda does not have Apo war instrument
Iwori in not an Archer
The Archer of Iwori can destroy the Apo
Ifa divination was performed for Owori the warlord of the earth (Iseleye)
Ifa divination was performed for Owori the warlord of ode Orun the heaven
People of the world join hands together to do ebo the sacrifice
After math Ogun conquer Owori and make him powerless and told him to sit down on one spot, Ogun da owori joko.

Seventh verse
Shrimp is good for lady or woman that has infertility problem but if you are allergic to sea food or shrimp you can skip that one.

Compiled by Chief Fakayode Faniyi Agesin Jawe Ifa Agbongbon Awo of Osogbo land, Osun state Nigeria, West Africa
Tel :- 2348033821791
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